Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button

Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button


Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button – The real fun & fabulous technique is how to turn on laptop without power button. Laptops and computers start when the power button turned on. It is essential to consider any situation when the main switch button does not work, and you are unable to commence your system. If your computer is stored elsewhere, such as on a desk, you can easily power on it. Let’s suppose that you are going to complete essential work on your laptop, and you suddenly notice that the main power/switch button of your laptop system is not functional. In this situation, you may become very frustrating. So if you want to know how to turn on laptop without power button? Then this article is for you.

Mostly Laptops and computers have a unique option, and they can turn one with the help of a keyboard. This option may not enable by default and must need to enable in the BIOS setting of the system.

How to Turn on Window Laptop without Power Button Using Keyboard?

Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button? Starting laptop without power button is very easy and fun. I hope you will like this option and will use it without any special needs as I am using it. If you want to enable the option for Turn Laptop on with keyboard, then you have to enter the BIOS setting of your system. You can access the system BIOS by pressing a unique key when your laptop or system is turning on. You have to press a unique key on the keyboard, depends on the manufacturer. This key is usually the “DEL” or “F2” key. When your laptop or computer starts, you will notice a message on the screen of a laptop that tells you which key is to use for entering in BIOS setup. You also can consult your user manual if the system does not show any message to come in BIOS setting. Some manufacturers also refer to this as the “system setup program.”

Now you have to find the appropriate settings in BIOS related to turning on a laptop without the use of power/switch. You may find this setting under the Power Management section. Now you have to find a setting called “Turn on the power from the keyboard” or any other similar named setting. Your laptop may have multiple options for this setting. You may be able to choose between any key or only specific keys on your keyboard. Make your changes, then again follow the system instructions to save setting and exit from it.
Now test your setup. After finding and changing the settings, all that remains is to test and make sure it works. Shut down the computer and press the appropriate key. It should turn on and start to boot, just like you press the power/switch.

How to Turn on MAC Laptop Without Power Button Using Keyboard?

You are reading about how to turn laptop on without power button for Mac systems. Sometimes when you are going to troubleshoot any Mac System issue, you need to Turn laptop on without power button. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible!
On these all-in-one laptops, the power switch permanently fixed to the keyboard. The power switch is part of the keyboard if the keyboard crashes, for example, a liquid leaks and the power switch stops working you can use another solution to turn it on. You cannot use this method to open mbp every day, but it is an excellent way to solve the problem. After pressing the power switch, this may help to know if the motherboard is still working even if the computer cannot be turned on. You can use a small flat-head screwdriver to shorten the power board for a few seconds to power the computer. To do this, you have to remove the bottom cover, which is very easy. Note: if the keyboard still connected to the motherboard, the launchpad shortcuts may not work. If this does not resolve the issue, disconnect the keyboard cable from the motherboard and try again. Sometimes it takes some trying to make it work. You can find the model number using the serial number. Locate the serial number printed on the bottom cover and enter the serial number in the search technical specifications box.

Turn on From a Remote Computer:

Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button? – The real fun & fabulous technique is how to turn on laptop without power button.If you use Remote Desktop, Remote File Access, or any other server software, you may leave your computer at home or work in the office when you leave home. This option consumes more energy. Besides, you can operate the computer remotely when you need to use it. You can power on laptop without power button on the Local Area Network.
Why do we need to Turn on Laptop without Power Button? This solution takes advantage of Wake on LAN. Despite the name, you can set Wake on LAN so that you can send “magic packs” to activate your computer over the Internet.
To do this, you must first set up Wake on LAN normally. Usually, you can find this setting in your computer’s BIOS or UEFI settings. In the computer settings, make sure that the Wake on LAN option is enabled. Hopefully, now you bypass power button and can turn laptop on without power button.