Where Newly Born Baby Goes Before Finalization Of Adoption?

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Where Newly Born Baby Goes Before Finalization Of Adoption?

Independent Adoption Lawyers In Georgia

Giving up a child for adoption is the hardest thing that any birth parent can do. Also the adoptive parents go through a long and tiresome journey that is full of uncertainty about whether they will qualify for the adoption or not. The Independent Adoption Lawyers In Georgia will tell you of the process of where the child goes before the adoption is finalized.

Right Of Birth Parents To Change The Decision

It is a common misconception that once the birth parents have signed their termination of rights; they can’t go back on their decision. But there is a clause in that termination that they can change their mind twice before the period ends.

  1. The time duration of the first period is between the times of the birth of the child until the day of the discharge. This time duration is usually 24 hours but in special cases the span can be 3 to 4 days.
  2. If the mother doesn’t make a decision at that time then she and the father are given the second chance. They can determine whether they want to keep the child or not. They have till the day of their termination of the right to change their minds.

The Birth Mother Has Every Right

Every sincere Adoption lawyer including Tom Tebeau will never hide any info regarding the adoption and the rights of both adoptive and birth parents. Up till the day of the rights’ termination; the birth mother has every right towards the child.

Giving Up The Child Is Emotional

Adopting a newborn from the hospital is easy for the adoptive parents but it is a very emotional decision for the mother and even for the father. If the birth parents resist giving you the adoptive parents; then you must respect their feeling and wait for the right time.

Consult Independent Adoption Lawyers In Georgia

The time between the adoption registration and till the child finally comes to you can be very long. The one reason for this waiting is the period of termination of rights of birth parents. During this time the adoptive parents can consult the best Independent Adoption Lawyers In Georgia to consult about what to do in this period?

Where The Baby Goes Before Finalization

There are two scenarios in the instances when the birth mother agrees to give up her child for adoption in the first period. But still, the adoptive parents have to wait for the second critical period to end.

  1. The child is sent in the temporary care of a family or house where he/ she is taken care of but the people in the foster care system don’t get emotionally attached.
  2. Secondly, the child goes directly into the care of the adoptive parents. But you have to know that is the mother changes her mind before the termination period ends; then you have to give the child back.

Finalization Of The Adoption

Once the rights of birth parents end; you can complete the rest of the process of the adoption with the help of Independent Adoption Lawyers In Georgia. After the adoption is finalized; you can call the child your own. After this, the birth mother has no right towards the child.


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