How to Care of the Microwave – Uses Of Microwave

How to Care of the microwave – Uses Of microwave

Uses of microwave – Tell me who wants to cook for hours on end in front of gas? That’s why many people rely on the microwave at home. But if not taken care of properly, this microwave can sit at any time without notice! He needs care. We shared some tips on microwave care.

  1. If you want to use the microwave for longer, it is important to clean it by the rules. When cooking or heating a meal, food pieces or baskets can often fall into the microwave. But if they are stored inside the microwave, they can burn the space in the microwave by absorbing the energy. So when the food falls off, rinse the microwave cleaner with a sponge in warm hot water. It is best if you can cook with a lid on the bowl during cooking.


  1. Before using the microwave, know and read the rules of use. Take a look at the key dishes to use and when to cook. Usually aluminium foil, it is best not to use metal utensils. Can use ceramic, glass, plastic utensils. But before using everything, you should check whether they are ‘microwave safe‘. Put them in the microwave and heat for a minute before using. If you find that the pot is too hot, it is better not to use it.


  1. Microwave doors but very important things. So do not close or knock on the door loudly. Before opening the door, first turn off the power of the microwave. Otherwise there may be danger.


  1. Do not run the microwave at all if there is nothing inside. This is because microwave energy is absorbed in its own right. It can damage the microwave and its parts. Often times the problem is to change them, it takes a lot of money.


  1. Most microwaves have the option of cooking some of the pre-programmed time. But they are best for the best use of the microwave. So try to cook as many of those dishes as possible. Doing so will also last longer in the microwave.


  1. Often microwaves have specific weight depending on how much food you cook or cook. Although most of the time the weight is much less than that, the weight of the glassware and frozen items is a bit higher. So we will see the weight. Excessive weight loss can damage the microwave’s original machines and magnetrons.


  1. Replace microwave light bulbs, door latches, turntables, etc. without interruption. Also, call the mechanic or company person at least once a year to check the condition of the microwave. Regular care will allow you to use the microwave for longer.


  1. If you use a microwave when the voltage is low, it can damage the microwave. Do not use the microwave at all during storms. When you do not use the microwave at any time except during a rainy day, keep the plug from the plug point.