The child’s balanced nutrition – Dietitian specializing in counseling

The child’s balanced nutrition

The child’s balanced nutrition – Avoid over-feeding your child by worrying about his or her nutrition. Instead, give importance to the balanced diet. Dietitian specializing in counseling.

My daughter is 3 years old. In my father-in-law’s house everyone is sick, the girl is very sick from her childhood. He said he was undergoing a doctor’s consultation recently and was underweight. It is important to increase the weight by at least 3-5 kg. What kind of food can I give him?

Weight problems may arise if children do not have proper eating habits. Occasionally skipping the mill, eating very little, lack of nutrition, stress of study, worm problems, easy nervousness, excessive sports or racing, poor digestive power, angsty, unknown fears, etc. may be lower than normal for various reasons. And because heredity has a role in that, it may take a little longer to reduce the problem. If you want to increase the weight of the daughter, first make changes to her diet and lifestyle. Healthy, rich in calories but not too heavy as a meal, will help to increase her weight quickly. You can regularly eat fresh fruit juice, milkshakes, ghee, maize rice, kachu, potatoes, banana, mango, sabda, honey, jaggery, apricots, various types of nuts, eggs, olive oil, etc. However, daily diet should not only increase the amount of calories, such as junk food or refined foods. This may cause other problems in the future. Be aware that sometimes even a little, he eats something.

Are the calcium or vitamin supplements available in the market for children really nutritious for them? Having played this kind of food for a long time will not be a problem in the changing times?

If the baby does not have a physical need, there is no need to give such a supplement. Usually the body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals, if you follow a nutritious and balanced diet. Moreover, there is nothing better than the nutrients available through daily food. If there is no problem with feeding the baby, or if he is accustomed to eating enough food daily, then supplementing separately is unnecessary. Please consult your doctor if you are taking any such vitamin or mineral supplement. Only rely on such things if you understand your child’s physical nutritional needs. If it is necessary to take her supplement, feel free to give it. There is no possibility of problems later.

I have heard that cod liver oil is very beneficial for growing children. Can I give it to my baby?

Cod liver oil is commonly referred to as hair fall or skin problems. If the child has any such problem, you may want to consider giving cod liver oil. However, consult a specialist before giving it to your child or taking any such supplement yourself.