How To Take Care Of Books and Bookshelves

How To Take Care Of Books and Bookshelves : – Are you bought a lot of books by hobby? Or maybe you want to build a small library of your own at home. Meanwhile, there are so many books on the bookshelf that they can’t even be folded anymore. Or opened the page of your favorite book, saw it cut into insects! What could be worse for book lovers than this? Here are some simple rules to take care of your favorite books and book shelves.

How To Take Care Of Books and Bookshelves

Regular light cleaning

  1. Keep the shelves clean: Once per week, wipe the bookshelf on the bookshelf and with two side microfiber cloths.
  2. Keep the book clean: Remove the books on the inside of the shelves once a week and wipe away all the books. The shelves will be clean even if it is dusty every day.
  3. Stack: Remove any items in the book that you do not have leftover. If a book is misspelled, leave it at a specific location.

Deep cleaning once a year

  1. 1. Remove all items from the shelf first.
  2. If possible remove the shelves from the wall and also remove the back of the shelves.
  3. If you have a silverfish on a wooden bookshelf, spray it well and remove it. You can place the naphthalene ball in the corner of the rack.
  4. Remove each book separately. Wipe the inside of the cover as well, because that part is covered with dust. Use cloth or hand-held vacuum.
  5. Book him in a specific order. Subject, author’s name or alphabetical, as such. One of the extra books does not scare him.

How To Take Care Of Books and Bookshelves

Care of the book

  1. Keep the book in dry weather. Keeping in humid weather can lead to insects in books and books.
  2. In the book he should not have direct sunlight. The cover of the book may fade and the leather binding can also be damaged.
  3. Give the books space. Keeping the book very tight can bend the cover and loose the leaf from the spine of the book.
  4. Book carefully and keep them out.
  5. If there are insects in a book, place them in a separate bag in the refrigerator. In the cold the insect will die. To prevent insect bites on the shelves, clean them regularly and place on a naphthalene ball.