Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Seasonal Skin Care Tips


Seasonal Skin Care Tips – From clothing to food, to life-changing seasons, all the daily habits of daily life change. So why is that boredom in the evening? Tips to protect the skin from seasonal changes.
As the days go by, changing with nature is becoming more and more difficult. Even though he has obeyed certain rules these days, the lessons of those days are almost gone. It is also possible to spend the summer in June month, rain in the autumn, and again in December without swallowing sweaters. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to spend the day in the summer, with the exception of the Vaisakhi-Jasthya. On the whole, the goddess is no longer offering any restrictions. And that is why the term ‘Weather Transition’ has also gone almost to the void. When it is summer and when it is raining, it is not possible to imagine. Take the situation now. The sky is black with rain and the rain, so soon after sunshine is a great life! The condition of the skin is even worse. The season has its own atrocities, and in the weather it is even worse. Your negligence, irregular care on him, all this overhead. It is almost ‘let alone mother weep’ that nature and continually squeeze in the thick of the net. Can the torture be endured? In this situation, it is very natural for his face to slip. So the load on your face, without announcing hunger for frequent skin rashes, acne, scalp, etc. But it will not solve the problem. Rather, it will increase. Moreover, if the problem is resolved by taking care of a little in the middle, what is the harm in spending that time? Follow certain rules to protect your skin from the scorching weather.
Why change routine of skincare?

All the calculations of nature change with the change of weather. Water vapor fluctuates in the air. Sometimes the roughness of the dry air, sometimes the humidity of the excess increases. At the same time, the demand for skin changes. And if that demand is not met then the problem arises.

In addition to the amount of air vapor in the air, sunlight, the possibility of bacterial infection, etc. also alleviate skin needs. In order to prevent the skin from changing, it is important to follow the complete skincare routine.

Not only the different skincare routines required in different seasons. When transitioning from one season to the next, certain repertoires are also needed in that transition period.
In the face of moisture

From winter to summer and from autumn to winter, during these two seasons, the difference in humidity in one push makes a lot of difference. This is why, even at the end of winter, which means what we call spring, the skin is very dry and rough. Even when the temperature rises, the amount of water vapor in the air is still low. But considering the temperature has risen, we also do not take special care of keeping the skin moist. As a result, roughness builds the nest. The skin’s ability to tolerate this same oppression for a long time also decreases. As a result, the skin loses vitality. Similarly, when the time is approaching from autumn to winter, make changes to skin care routine slowly. It will also allow the skin to adapt to seasonal changes.
Sunshine swap

Seasonal Skin Care Tips – Everyone knows that sunscreen is the same all year long. But who exactly is he? I can say, the number is extremely low. Most people forget about the need for sunscreen when they see cloudy skies. But the problem is not only with the sun. The real problem is with sunlight. During the day the sky is cloudy, until it is dark or down, but sunlight is entering your skin. To prevent damage, it is important to use sunscreen all the time during daylight. And not only that, modern sunscreen also has the ability to withstand various types of heat damage. As a result, sunscreen is equally essential for everyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen at home, or in front of some kind of fire or heat.
To prevent the transmission of germs

It is not only the rain that increases the risk of infection. When it rains other times of the year, skin care is still needed. If the sky is cloudy for a long time, or if it rains, you can mix it with bath water such as Neem leaf, camphor, basil, mint. Or you can add them directly to the Skin Care routine.

No product in any season

Winter to Summer: As the humidity in the air begins to increase slowly this time, reduce the amount of moisture from Skin Care routine gradually. As a cleanser, this cumulus moisturizing face wash is ideal. As the skin becomes dry, the need for cream-based face wash will also increase. Then slowly turn to the gel-based cleanser. In the case of oily skin, choose Mild Face wash, which, even when cleansing the skin, will not remove moisture from the skin. You can also use the Micellar water. Rub face with milled scrub once a week.

Toners can be avoided if this is desired. Abort alcohol toner altogether. You can use rose water or lavender water instead. If not, apply serum directly. The use of serum, especially at night, is mast this time. It increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. As a result, the skin remains vibrant, the skin’s salinity also increases.

After applying the serum, apply a moisturizer lightly. Moisturizing is also necessary for oily skin. However, it is advisable to use a water-based moisturizer. If the skin feels oily, you may notice a change of moisturizer in a week or two.

From autumn to winter: From this time on, the moisture content of the rupertin is gradually reduced

Skin Care Must Have

Skin care routine will change according to the needs of the skin at different times of the year, there are some ingredients that are needed throughout the year. Use these products regularly to keep the skin healthy.