Seasonal Allergies to Children – how to help a child

Seasonal Allergies to Children  – During the changing of seasons. At any given moment in the weather, you may become ill with an allergic reaction. Allergies never completely cure. However, it is possible to control it by following some rules.

Allergies are very common in children. The prevalence of allergies is generally higher in adults than in adults, as their immune system is relatively low. There is a need to talk about allergies first. Allergies, but never completely alleviated, but by avoiding allergies that cause allergies, it is possible to control a child’s allergies and ensure a healthy, healthy life. Most of the allergies that children suffer from, usually airborne and foodborne. Allergies are often allergic to medicines, chemicals or insect bites. So parents should have all the knowledge. Anything that can cause a baby to become allergic to the baby should be careful. After a certain age, you can take your child’s allergy test as needed and as advised by a doctor. This test can confirm the cause of the allergy.

Causes and problems

Seasonal Allergies to Children  – In most cases the initial symptoms of allergies include sneezing, nausea or sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, redness of eyes and watery eyes, headache, etc. In children, sardikashi always sticks. There is also a fever from the cold. However, even after the cold has cleared within a week or two, if you have problems like sneezing, cough, and sore throat, it can cause allergy symptoms. Cold virus is most commonly affected by a baby’s throat, bronchial tubes, and ears. Often, a child may have diarrhea. However, the persistent sneezing, coughing, coughing and sneezing through the nose are certainly signs of allergies, even after the cold has healed. These are usually from pollen allergies. Pollen allergy is a seasonal problem. This is usually done in the spring.

The baby may also be allergic to various substances in the home, such as dust or mites. These mites are usually found in small mattresses. So be careful about this. It is imperative that the matrices be cleaned regularly. Often children are allergic to an organism such as arsola or rats. This is not the end either. If you have pets at home, such as birds, dogs or cats, be careful when spending time with them. Children may be allergic to dogs or cats. In addition, when the dog-cat drops dead cells in the body for some time, there may be allergy problems. Apart from sneezing, cough, itchy hair can also be a symptom of allergies. It is often due to eczema, hives or contact dermatitis.

Apart from these allergies, sometimes children may be allergic to food. One of the causes of food allergy in children is milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy or tree nuts. This tree consists of nuts, cashews, pasta, amanda, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. So be careful when feeding these foods to the baby.

What to do

Avoid all carbonated drinks, such as soda or cold drinks. Fruit juice is relatively safe from carbonated drinks, but be sure to feed it to fresh, fresh fruit. Avoid packaged juices, as they are commonly used in preservatives, which are harmful to health. Your child must eat ice-cream, but not in excess. And one more thing, a child playing ice cream at home should not give it to the mouth as soon as it is removed from the fridge. Wait for a while from the fridge, then let him eat ice-cream.

Avoid pollen season when you’re out for a day out with your baby. When leaving, pack an allergy medicine for your baby. Use sunglasses and hats, of course. Put a saline rinse or nasal spray along with it, so that the pollen is inserted into the cavity of the nose and sinuses, it can be repeated quickly. It is best not to take the baby in a hot or very cold place. Going to a cold place can cause an allergy to a baby’s throat and can also cause breathing problems.

Seasonal Allergies to Children  – Make sure that the baby bathes well every day. When you go out to play in the field in the afternoon, the child should wash his hands and feet well. Wash her hair thoroughly while bathing, because sometimes subtle pollen may stick to the hair.

If you have pets, cats, or birds at home, shower them regularly. If you have a hairy creature, it is necessary to rinse her with bath as well. If you find that your child is allergic to a pet when approaching a pet, do not ever allow him or her to penetrate. Baby allergies can be caused by a dog or cat drool.

Be careful if your baby has heavy metal overnight. Various allergens can increase the severity of the cold. One of these allergens is smoke, dust, perfumes, animal hair, etc. However, such allergies are often seasonal. Their incidence of eating allergy medicines given by doctors