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Rules for the use of pancakes


Rules for the use of pancakes Pancakes are ideal for a little heavy make-up. However, the use of pancakes has certain manners. If there is a mistake, the whole equipments soil! Find out how to use pancakes.

“I am 5 My skin is very flaky. As a result, I did a little make-up, but it looks very intense. What kind of make-up does the skin look like? Besides, my skin is brighter. How to dress me up? I’d like your advice.”

Rupsa Pal


Rules for the use of pancakes Your skin will feel like a light foundation in pink. If there is no light foundation, use a little bronzer mixed with a heavy foundation. Bronzing powder or shimmer panstick will be good as well. You mentioned that your skin is kind of radiant. So after applying foundation, apply touch and glow powder on the face. It works well to create an instant glow. For a party look, you can mix a little silver shimmer on the foundation of a light pink shade. Since your skin is very lean, be careful that the make-up does not look too sharp. Blend well with a base make-up sponge or make-up brush. No need to experiment too much in mascara. Dark brown or black mascara is fine. If you want to highlight the eyes you can try a different shade on the eyeshadow. Fuchsia or turquoise eyeshadow will look great on your skintone. You can choose coral or palm color to highlight the chicabon. Keep the lip make-up light when highlighting the eyes. Pitch colors are good options. Skin will match the tone. If you want to try the smoky eyes at the festival, use a charcoal shade or a soft gray color pencil and eyeshadow instead of a dense black. You can also try the Glossy Pink or Light Rose Color on the lips. Nude shades will look good too.

“I am 25 The skin is oily. In front of my sister’s wedding. I decided to do my own make-up so that I would be busy with the wedding. I’ve heard pancakes are ideal for heavy make-up. However, it is quite difficult to use. I’d like your advice on how to do make-up with pancakes.”

Devika Chowdhury, Bagbazar

You heard right. Pancakes are ideal for a little heavy make-up. The pancake lasts a long time. Pancakes are great for lasting make-up especially on oily skin. Pancakes offer a lot more coverage than cream-based make-up. Its matte finish makes the skin look soft and smooth for look. Using pancakes initially may seem a bit daunting. But keep in mind a few simple things you can easily make make-up with pancakes. To use pancakes, first soak the make-up sponge with a spray bottle. Put pancakes on one side of the make-up sponge. Don’t stress too much. Now slowly apply it all over your face. Apply pancakes on the eyelids too. Apply pancakes to the neck and neck according to the cut of the dress. Now blend the pancake all over the face with the opposite side of the sponge. Blend in such a way that the skintones look like Evan.

Take a moment to sit in the make-up face. Wipe with excess make-up bolting paper. Finally, apply a setting powder or powdery foundation with a make-up brush. It will make the face look smooth and supple.