Problems with the Dark Circle

Problems with the Dark Circle

Problems with the Dark Circle – Dark circles may occur under the eyes due to stress, lack of sleep, etc. Expert tips on solving.

Be it lifestyle, or stress, or if sleep deprivation is seen around the eyes, it can be reflected in the brightness of your personality. No, no! Don’t worry about this problem anymore. So there is a way to solve something at home. Pujour’s katadin is broken? These four days are natural without any rules. Seeing Tagore in sunshine, lack of sleep, junk food left nothing to be missed. But the Dark Circle? What else would he hear! The eyes are the window of the mind. If there was a black mattress around that window, would anyone else want to peek through that window? Then understand! And not only the window of the mind, the dark circles but also tell a lot about your body, health, lifestyle and so on.

Stress, inadequate sleep, hormonal change, unhealthy lifestyle or heredity may be the root cause of the dark circles.

The ink under the eyes can ruin the whole personality. When using make-up, use a consular in conjunction with the skintones. If there are too many problems, first put the Orange Shade Character and then use the Concealer. The Dark Circle will be covered.

In many cases, various chemicals can solve the problem of dark circles. Using under-eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol will produce good results. Whatever the reason for the Dark Circle, these two ingredient creams will help reduce eye swelling and redness.

However, patience has to be used daily. Regular use will make the difference within a month. However, those who have sensitive skin are often afraid to use chemical products. Allergies, rashes, etc. can cause various problems.

Problems with the Dark Circle

So the main and easiest way for them is to make domestic tips. So let’s quickly understand some of the simple domestic ways of the Dark Circle.


Tomatoes are very useful in reducing eyelashes, stains, dandruff. Softenes the skin and darkens the dark circles too. Apply 1 teaspoon tomato juice daily before bath. Wash for 5 minutes. Apply tomato juice twice a day. You can also eat tomato juice by mixing lemon juice and mint leaf juice every day. Dark circles will be reduced, as well as the skin will shine from the inside.


Potatoes are very good at reducing natural bleach and dark circles. Keeps the skin cool. Squeeze the juice with a little potato. Soak the juice and apply it under the eyes. You can also put the towels over your eyes for a while. After 5 minutes rinse with cold water.

Tea Bag:

Green Tea is full of antioxidants which works extremely well to reduce eye color. Do not discard the tea bag when the tea is made. Refrigerate and refrigerate. Now place that bag over your eyes. If used every day, you will get results soon.


Even if you have cold milk daily, you will understand the difference in your hands. In addition to keeping the skin cool, it can remove dark circles or other scars. Dip the cotton in raw cold milk and place it over the eyes. Wash with water for a while.

Orange Lemon Juice:

Another very effective domestic remedy is orange lemon juice. Having a bleaching property on lemon helps reduce the problem of dark circles. Mix a few drops of glycerin in a little orange juice and apply it on the dark circles. It reduces the dark circles and increases the brightness of the skin.

Amanda oil:

Amanda oil is a natural ingredient that is very useful for the soft skin around the eyes. It contains a lot of vitamin E. If you use this oil every day, your eyelashes will lighten. Instead of Amanda oil, you can directly apply Vitamin E. Before going to bed at night, massage with a little mango oil and finger lightly. Keep it that way overnight. In the morning rinse with cold water. As long as the problem of the Dark Circle is minimized, so do the Amanda oil.


Think of Television Aid – Beauty Pack Anyway, two slices of cucumber on both eyes but common! The main reason for this is that Cucumber also has skin lightening and astringent properties. Cucumber is also ideal for reducing dark circles. And everyone knows how refreshing the cucumber is. Slice the cucumber thickly into the pan. Leave the pieces in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. Now wash the pieces with water for 5 minutes on top of your eyes. Use it twice a week, twice daily. Or mix the same amount of lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply it around the eyes. Wash for 5 minutes. Try once a week every day, depending on the result.

Rose water:

Rose water works great for skin care. Enlarges the skin, keeps it refreshed and also relaxes the skin. There is no answer as a toner. Soak the cotton pad in rose water for a few minutes and keep it on your eyes for a while. Use it twice daily for a few weeks.

Coconut Oil:

Massage the coconut oil around the eyes but you will benefit. The moisturizing ability of coconut oil will help to smooth the skin. Immediately the sacrificial line will not appear. Massage it lightly with a little extra-virgin coconut oil and leave it for a few hours. Then wash. Try it out for a few months. Get results


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are useful for reducing eye angle defects. It also makes the skin soft and smooth. Mix 2 teaspoons turmeric powder and one teaspoon pineapple juice together and make a paste. Put it under the eyes and wipe with a wet cloth for 5 minutes and wipe it lightly.


Nutmeg is effective in reducing various skin spots. Vitamins E and C contained in it can also reduce the skin sorenes