Pre Machiorod Barth – Pre-term berth key

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Pre Machiorod Barth

Pre Machiorod Barth – -Born Problems can occur if the baby goes off before a certain time. Consultant Neonatologist and Pediatrician Dr. How to prevent and cope. Sumita Saha.

Pre-term berth key

Usually the pregnancy period is about 3 weeks. However, if for some reason a baby is born before 6 weeks, it is called pre-matched berth in medical terminology. However, based on the number of weeks the delivery is made, the World Health Organization pre-term berth also has three separate bifurcations. If delivery is done before 20 weeks, then it is ‘Extremely Pre-Term’. When a baby is born within 24 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, he is called ‘Very Pre-Term’. And within 12 to 6 weeks, it is ‘Moderate’ or late preterm delivery. Statistics show that around one million pre-matched children are born every year around the world. That is, one out of every 5 children is Pre-Machiored. And this rate has increased rapidly in the last 20 years.

Causes and precautions

There may be multiple factors behind pre-matched delivery. This is more likely for many of the mothers who are older. In addition, if gestational diabetes or any other problem arises during pregnancy, infertility treatment may also cause multiple pregnancy or multiple cesarean delivery. In 25% of pre-term births, if the mother has kidney problems, pre-eclampsia (resulting in hypertension and fluid retention during pregnancy), the mother has to have a cesarean delivery ahead of time if the baby is not pregnant. In at least 20% of cases, a pre-term birth can occur if the membrane is prematurely wrapped. In 25% of cases, an emergency such as sudden bleeding during pregnancy can result in premature delivery. However, the cause of the remaining 5 percent pre-matched berth remains unknown. A few precautions during pregnancy can reduce the likelihood of pre-term delivery. Regularly check-up with a doctor before consuming. It’s called a preconception visit. The doctor will see if the medicines you are consuming are suitable for you. Those who are diagnosed with infertility are less likely to receive pre-matched delivery in single pregnancy. However, in the case of twins or triplets this possibility may increase. Weight loss is important before pregnancy. Pre-term delivery can be if there is OBCT. Exercise regularly before pregnancy, eat a balanced diet. Dieting will not work during pregnancy. Do not smoke Remove the stress. And during the pregnancy, do not take the flu shot so that the flu does not occur. All of these may be due to a pre-term berth.

Premature baby problem

Pre Machiorod Barth – Born Problems can occur if the baby goes off before a certain time. Consultant Neonatologist and Pediatrician Dr. How to prevent and cope. Sumita Saha.Having a premature baby can cause some physical problems. Children who become pregnant before 6 weeks of pregnancy may have respiratory distress syndrome. Their body lacks a protein called surfactant. As a result, it is difficult to breathe. They are given surfactant in the lung’s airpipe. Respiratory support (eg ventilation, high frequency oscillations) may also be provided if needed. Children who get grounded before 12 weeks may have apnea. In this case, the breathing stopped for more than 20 seconds. The baby may also have a slow heart rate problem. Since their brains do not become, they forget to breathe. So, a drug made from coffee, called caffeine, works to keep the brain alert. They can breathe regularly. Premature babies have less ability to deal with infections because their body’s immune system is weak. Lung infection, sepsis (blood infection) can also be stagnant. Infection should be treated with antibiotics very quickly. Again many children may have intraventricular hemorrhage in the brain. Chronic nerve problems can occur if the bleeding is high. Growing up may cause itching, cerebral palsy or impeding the baby’s development. In addition, patent ductus arteriosis can be an illness. In this case there is a problem with the two major blood vessels near the heart. If this part (ductus) is not completely closed, the baby may have breathing problems or heart failure. Can be treated with medicines. Otherwise, surgery may be required. Necrotizing enterocolitis can occur in the baby’s gut. This can lead to stomach swelling, diarrhea. This problem may occur within 2-5 weeks after birth. It is treated by intravenous antibiotics or by reaching the nutrients through the arteries. You may also need surgery. There may also be prematurity-induced retinopathy. Some babies are born with a congenital abnormality in the food pipe, heart. They have no treatment other than surgery. Those who are overweight and who are extremly pre-matched need to be placed in a neonatal intensive care unit. One thing to keep in mind. Some of those who grew up prematurely may have neurological problems. Even in some cases there may be problems with the sight of the eyes.



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