Why Kitchen Garden Tips Will Make You Forget About Everything

Why Kitchen Garden Tips Will Make You Forget About Everything

Kitchen Garden Tips – In addition to spices, vegetables and herbs are needed when cooking. Do not take such an onion! The price of onion in the market now skyrocket no one is unknown! In this situation it may seem like…. If there were an onion tree in the garden! Onions could be found for free this time! Kitchen garden has many advantages. One, you don’t have to rush to the market for hours when you need it. Two free vegetables will be available. Three, around the house you will find a green touch. There are several ways to create a kitchen garden.

Stir in slices, sachets, slices of vegetables, herbs and herbs. But suppose when cooking, there is no scorching odor in the house or the carpets have dried up. Then? Under such circumstances, it is normal to have a bad mood. Once again, the desire to become a cook is a small part of everyone. So at home, you can make ‘Kitchen Garden’ at a low cost, there will be no shortage of hours to buy tropical vegetables and there will be a touch of green around your home. That’s why some of the essential home-grown methods are needed to create a kitchen garden.


The roof or porch of your home can be perfect for a kitchen garden. However, if there is enough space outside the kitchen window, and if the light is suitable for ventilation, the kitchen can also be set up in the garden.


You can also hang tubes of different colors from the balcony railing or ceiling. The beauty of the home will increase as soon as the cooking material is mixed.


You can hang wooden boxes or cane baskets, suitable soil and garden plants for the kitchen to hang out by the window railing of your drawing room.


You can arrange small tubs in the old shoe shelf by painting it slightly. It will be a good use of the falling shelf, as space will seem less.


Outdated tea cups, kettle, dishes, boxes of exotic chocolates, tin boxes of biscuits but you can choose as a tub, but take care that there are adequate arrangements for water, lighting, ventilation.


If planting the seedlings directly on the ground, be sure to have adequate drainage system in it, sometimes the excess of water at the base of the plant is likely to decompose.


Most vegetables require a lot of water to grow, so it should be kept in mind that there is a balance between the capacity of the tub and the drainage system.


Use organic soil in the kitchen garden soil. You can mix dung with the soil, compost it evenly and mix it with tea leaves, discarded egg shells. But the fertility of the soil will increase a lot.


Types of tubs for use are … Basil, coriander leaf, curry leafs four to five inches deep tub, and ten to twelve inches deep tub are ideal for planting tomatoes, cinnamon, eggplant, capsicum, lemongrass, lemon.


Use bio fertilizers for proper care of the plants, so the plants will be protected from insect attacks.


And keeping in mind these simple ways keeping your cuisine free without interruption…