How to take care of your laptop for better performance

How to take care of your laptop for better performance

How to take care of your laptop Whether it’s the work of an office project or the latest web show, in this age of technology, there is no speed without a laptop. If that laptop is noisy, then your life! However, taking care of a laptop in a timely manner, such problems can be easily avoided. So please check some useful tips for caring your Royal laptop.

One of the main enemies of the laptop is Dust. Laptop easily heats up when extra dust is deposited on the laptop. In addition, there may be more problems if the laptop is dirty. So keep the laptop as clean as possible. However, you need to be careful when cleaning the laptop. If you have to rub it clean, it will reverse. Power off the laptop first to clean it. Wipe the loose dust of the laptop with a clean soft cotton cloth. You can use the keyboard cleaning brush to clean the keyboard. Besides, compressed air cans can also be used. If the dirt is too high on the keyboard, dip the microfiber cloth in white vinegar and gently wipe. When buying a new laptop, install the Keyboard Protector. If the laptop touch screen is a must use screen protector. Never wipe the laptop with water or glass cleaner.

The laptop heats up very quickly. So keep in mind the laptop’s air vent is clean. Occasionally clean the vent with a soft brush. It is best not to have a laptop in a very hot place, heater or kitchen. The temperature of the closed vehicle remains high. So don’t leave your laptop on the laptop for long. It is best not to use a laptop on the bed or pillow. Many laptops have air vents on the bottom. Using a laptop in bed does not heat up and damages the laptop. Try using a laptop table or something similar.

How to take care of your laptopBe careful if you have tea, coffee or cold drinks while working on a laptop. Laptops have many small parts. These parts can be damaged if the fluid inadvertently falls on the laptop. It is not impossible to have a short circuit. Laptops should not work in the same way as eating and eating. The keyboard can easily become dirty if the first hand-held food is stored on the keyboard. Use the lick pad to dry clean hands. Wet hand touch pads may not work properly.

Do not hold the display while moving the laptop from one place to another. Move the bottom of the laptop over. Because the bottom of the laptop is heavier. So the laptop’s joints can be loosened by always moving the display. Don’t put such a thick book or anything heavy on a laptop. It may damage the display or keyboard.

When the laptop is done, close the display unit. The laptop will not be dirty. Many again put the display down to standby mode. Be careful not to have pens, pencils, headphones, etc. on the keyboard. It may damage the monitor if the display is suddenly stopped.

Make sure to back up important information before moving it to the laptop. Suddenly, if the laptop is bad, a lot of the time is formatted. So be careful.


When traveling with a laptop, use a laptop cover and a suitable laptop bag. The laptop will be safe from dust, dirt, scratches or sudden injuries.

How to take care of your laptopUse antivirus software on laptops. Laptop virus can be infected for various reasons such as opening different web pages, transferring files to Pen drive. Viruses can lead to various threats, including theft of important information, the loss of software. Free antivirus is also available online. But before you install them, be aware of them. Sometimes such antivirus also contains the virus.

Have a laptop serviced from a reputable service center once a year. The laptop will be good for a long time.