7 best tips to Care of the aquarium – Home Aquarium

7 Best Tips To Care Of The Aquarium – Home Aquarium


Home Aquarium – Keeping an aquarium neatly placed on the side of a room can change the look of the room but can be a constant one. But you need to take care of your aquarium properly…

An aquarium in one corner of the drawing room – looks great. The sparkling clear water, the green trees, and the colourful fish game of the state … all together is a different world. Keeping an aquarium neatly placed on the side of a room can change the look of the room but can be a constant one. But you need to take care of your aquarium properly. Here are some tips.

7 Best Tips To Care Of The Aquarium

  1. Find out before buying an aquarium. How to Buy an Aquarium of Size, Adjust Your Home Size Learn in advance how to fish in an aquarium of any size. If you buy a fish bowl, it is usually possible to keep goldfish, it is better not to put large fish there. However, in large aquariums you can keep all kinds of fish to your liking.


  1. In the case of (Home Aquarium) aquariums, the main thing is water care, if the water is not good, the fish can die. Change the water ten days or two weeks apart. But not the entire aquarium, but only 5 to 20 percent of the total water will change. Keep in mind that while cleaning the aquarium, fish food and other waste can also be cleaned. Often the moss and dirt accumulate in the corners of the aquarium or in the corners; they will also be well cleaned. Although tap water is commonly used for aquariums, it contains chlorine and chloramines (chlorine and ammonia). So before using, neutralize the water with water conditioner. Also, buy a pH testing kit to see if the pH level of water is correct. The aquarium’s water has a pH of 0.5-5.5, but is normal.
  1. Use filters to keep the aquarium water clean. Be sure to replace the algone, activated carbon within the filter within a month. And clean the filter by the rules.


  1. Before buying a fish, consider which fish will be right for your aquarium. Tell the person from whom you buy the fish, explain the size of your aquarium, and he can help you with this. It’s best not to put too many fish in one place. There are some basic things that the fighter does not have to do with other fish, so know before doing the aquarium.


  1. After purchasing a new aquarium, there will be a favourable environment for the fish to live there. After adjusting with water, stones, trees, make water suitable for fish with a few fish dishes. After buying the fish, immerse it in the packet aquarium for half an hour. The fish can adapt to the water temperature. And if there are a lot of fish in the aquarium, you can count the number of fish in a week, or sometimes the fish will die and waste water.


  1. Ask what kind of food a fish eats or what time of day it is, from whom you buy the fish. You can eat raw food, or you can eat dry food as well. However, if you give extra food, it often gets into the bottom of the water, so the water becomes dirty, so do not give too much food together.


  1. It is better to have a real tree in the aquarium rather than an artificial tree. This allows the fish to adapt to the environment of the aquarium. However, some special measures need to be taken to look after the trees in the aquarium. Do not keep the aquarium in direct contact with sunlight. But make sure the tree gets enough light. Moreover, the tree has to give fertilizer by rules. Each kind of tree needs different types of fertilizers, so know the person from whom to buy the tree.