[Breaking] World Photography Day 2020: Professional photography can also be done from smartphone, follow these tips

World Photography Day

World Photography Day 2020

For good photography, it is not necessary that you have a professional camera, rather you can do professional and great photography from your smartphone. But for this, you need to know about the camera features in the smartphone. Along with this, the camera settings will also have to be understood, only then you can become a better photographer. Here we will tell you some tips using which you can make professional photos and videos right from your smartphone. Let’s know about these tips.

Clean the camera

Before clicking the photo, you have to make sure that your phone’s camera is clean. Often, fingerprints are found on its camera during the use of the phone. So first clean the camera lens properly. Otherwise, when clicking the photo, it will look blur again and again.

Landscape mode

While making a professional photo or video, you have to keep in mind that in landscape mode click the photo itself and also make the video in landscape. Because clicking a photo in vertical or portrait mode will not look as good on a laptop or TV as a photo clicked in landscape mode. You can fit well in the frame of landscape mode. By using landscape mode you will be able to cover more background. Which can make the photo even more spectacular.

Excellent lighting

Excellent lighting is also necessary for excellent photos. If you are clicking photos from your smartphone in the outdoor then keep in mind that the sun should be behind you, it will give good light on the face and subject. While for indoor photography, take special care of the light source. Use flashlight only when it is very important. If you wish, you can increase exposure or ISO by going to the camera settings for photo click in low light, but there is a limit to increase it, even by enlarging it also spoils the photo.

Applications can be used

If you want to do great photography from a smartphone, you can also use dedicated camera apps. With the help of these apps, you can easily edit any photos. With this, you can also add text to it. Which can make your photo attractive and beautiful. Let us know that there are many apps for photography on Google Play Store.

Use of camera accessories

You can use camera accessories for professional photography and in the market, you have many smart gadgets available that make it easy to click photos by connecting to mobile. It includes a camera lens, zoom, and smartphone camera tripod. You can increase the camera quality by using them separately on your phone’s camera. Apart from increasing the zoom capability, you will also have the facility to increase the camera megapixels.