Best Parental Control App For Android – How to Keep an Eye on Kids’ Digital Activities Remotely

Best Parental Control App For Android

How to Keep an Eye on Kids’ Digital Activities Remotely

How to Keep an Eye on Kids’

Best parental control app for android – There is no secret that parenting has become more complicated and challenging due to the widespread adoption of digital device such as smartphones and internet-connected computer devices.Our children get their hands on the powerful machines at a very early age when they are unable to make mature decisions. The kids of post-millennial generation have to make choices from innumerable apps, software, gadgets and digital devices. An irrational decision can land them in trouble.

For instance, if your kids choose an adult-oriented app best parental control app for android they are likely to face the cruelties of the adult world. Parents are needed to guide their children and making their digital lives secure. This article discusses how parents can supervise the digital activities of their kids and safeguard them from the potential dangers of the digital world.

Best parental control app for android

Digital Activities Remotely


Monitor Kids’ Digital Activities with Mobile App

There is no need to stay around your kids to supervise them and keep them from wrongdoings. The latest technology has enabled parents to be virtually present around their children anytime and from anywhere. No matter if you are working mom or dad you can ensure your kids protection in the online and offline world in the most efficient way.

The technologists have designed parental control app to enable parents to remotely supervise the digital activities of children.Remaining anywhere in the world, you can detect how your kids are using their digital devices. Also, you can find out what messages they exchange and what activities they perform on social media platforms. Read on to know how the parental control app lets you supervise online and offline activities of your children.

Best parental control app for android – Watch Out Social Media Apps 

The social media obsession of post-millennial generation has increased their likelihood to become victim of bullying, child predication and scamming. The unsupervised use of social media apps and instant messengers can put horrible impacts on physical, mental and psychological health. Using the parental control app, parents can safeguard their kids from the potential dangers of social media. The app allows supervising activities performed on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, IMO, Line, Viber, Hangout, Telegram, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik and many other social messengers. Keep an Eye on

Closely Monitor Online Accounts

The monitoring software enables parents to closely watch out the online accounts of their children. The app records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted device. It includes keylogs of confidential credentials of online accounts including passwords, usernames and email addresses.

SMS, Emails and Call Tracker

You can oversee the mobile phone conversations of your kids including their text messages, emails and phone calls. The parental control app creates online backup of incoming and outgoing text messages and Gmail emails. It also records inbound and outbound phone calls to enable parents to listen to the suspicious lengthy phone calls of kids. The app also provides contact detail of communicators so you could find out and block annoying contacts.

Screen Recorder

The spyware app lets you monitor and record every activity performed on mobile phone or computer device. You can watch what your kids watch, type or inquire on their monitored digital devices. By sending remote command to the target device, you can make that device to start capturing screen in form of photo or video.

Supervise Internet Activities

The internet holdsun filtered information that is not appropriate for your kids. They are likely to expose to sexually explicit and adult-oriented content on the internet with or without intention. Parents can make the internet kid-friendly by using filters and blocking access to unwanted and age-inappropriate websites.The parental control software lets you know how your kids are using the internet technology.It provides access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones and computers to let you know which web pages have been frequently visited.

Retrieve Photos & Videos

The monitoring app for digital devices secretly accesses photos and videos stored on your kids’ mobile phone. It uploads these media files to an online portal from where parents can retrieve these photos and videos anytime. The monitoring of media files enables parentsto ensure their kids are not interested in collecting age-inappropriate photos and videos showing violence or adult-oriented stuff.

Hope this article would be useful in learning importance of monitoring of kids’ digital devices.