Asus’s new laptop is coming with 11 new generation processors from Intel

Asus new laptop
Image credit by “Videocardz”

Asus today announced at a virtual event a laptop with 11 generations of Intel processors. Zenbook Flip S, Zenbook S, Zenbook 14, Zenbook 14 Ultralight, Zenbook Pro 15, and Expertbook B9 – Laptops will have this powerful processor. Made for mobile devices, Intel’s new processor will have more powerful and integrated IRIX graphics.
At a glance, Asus laptops with 11 generations of Intel Core processors:

Asus Genbook Flip S (UX371)

The ultracompact ZenBook Flip S is the first Asus laptop to be built on the Intel Evo platform. It is effortlessly portable, only 13.9 mm thin, and weighs only 1.2 kg. There is a 360-degree touch display with the Forke OLED display.