Android Monitoring App – How to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone with Best Tracking App

Android Monitoring App – How to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone with Best Tracking App

android monitoring app
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Are you worried about the overdue mobile phone use of your teenager? Is your kid being victimized by a cyber-bully? You need to track your kid’s phone to set all your worries to rest. The cell phone tracking app (android monitoring app) enables parents to watch out the mobile phone activities of children to protect them from the potential dangers of the digital device. It keeps you aware of your kid’s plans and activities by showing their social media status and posts. Read on to know how you can keep an eye on your kids to ensure their protection and restrict them from wrongdoings.

How to Install Spy App on Kid’s Phone – Android monitoring

The importance of child monitoring software is unquestionable. It enables parents to be virtually present around their kids all the time to protect them from vulnerabilities. You can install the app on your kid’s android phone following the user-friendly process. If it is difficult to physically access the phone you can provide your kid with a smartphone preinstalled with the parental control app.

How the Phone Tracker App Works

The surveillance app works with complete secrecy without alerting your kid. Once you install the app on the cell phone, you can control it without physical access.You can make the spy app work by sending commands through the web portal.Log into the web portal on any mobile phone or computer device and access the data stored and activities performed on the phone.

How to Use Mobile Tracking App – android monitoring app

It is not rocket science to understand the use of mobile phone spy app. It is designed for non-tech savvy parents to monitor and control the smartphones of children with ease. Once you log into the web portal of the app, you will have a control panel in front of you that would let you access chats, recorded calls, contacts, media files, browsing history, keylogs and more stuff. You can supervise every online and offline activity of your kid without knowing enough about smartphone, mobile apps and social media apps.

Features of Best Tracking App for Android Phones

We have discussed here the core features of OgyMogy android monitoring app and parental control app. Check them out!

Monitor Social Media

The social media obsession of kids is not hidden from anyone. Parents are needed to supervise the social media activities of their children to safeguard them from the online threats. The surveillance app lets you track Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, IMO and many commonly used social messengers. It also allows tracking dangerous social apps including Tinder, Kik and Tumblr.You can access chats made through these apps.

Track Calls

Are you suspicious about the lengthy phone calls of your children? The phone surveillance app lets you listen to all phone calls of your kids without letting them know. It secretly records all calls and uploads to the web portal. It also provides access to contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Find GPS Location

The current location of kids can be found out with the GPS location tracking feature of the app. It shows current GPS location of your kid’s phone and also lets you know what places your kid has visited earlier.

Detect Passwords

The parental control app lets you find out passwords of online accounts operated on the targeted android phone. It records all keystrokes that contain key logs of passwords and credentials of online and social media accounts.

Manage Phonebook

Do you know whom your kids are in contact with? The parental control app lets you sneak into the Phonebook of your kid’s phone. You can see all contacts and make changes in the contact list by adding new contacts and deleting previous ones.

Remote Control Apps

If your kid is using any age-inappropriate app, you can block that app without accessing the phone. The parental control app allows blocking or uninstalling apps from kids’ phones.

Capture Real-Time Phone Activities

Want to know what your kid is doing on his cell phone at the moment? The surveillance app lets you capture real-time phone activities in form of short video or screenshots. You can send command to the targeted phone to capture whatever appears on the phone screen.